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A Relaxing Massage at an Affordable Rate

Your age is a meaningless number. Taking good care of your mind and body helps deter aging. That's exactly what we do at Asian Hollywood Massage. When your Asian massage is over, you'll feel like a whole new you-ready to take on the world. We proudly serve Miami, Florida, and Dade County.

Whole Body Massage

When you need to relax, want to experience a different culture, are recommended by a doctor, or are trying to recover from an injury, we offer whole body massage. We can even come to your location, if you can't make it into our office. We offer our services for both men and women, and included with our relaxing massage is the head, neck, arms, back, and legs. This is all set in a quiet atmosphere. If you need a break from the stresses of life, come enjoy some "me time" at Asian Hollywood Massage.

Our whole body massages relieve stress, increase your energy, reduce pain, improve mood, and keep your body feeling young and more balanced. We have licensed massage therapists on staff that are from Asia and have experience working in the industry for a very long time. This ensures that our clients receive a proper Asian whole body massage.

The pricing for our massages vary, depending on if the services are provided on-site or at your location. We are able to work with your insurance. If you have any problems with discomfort after receiving your massage treatment, you may contact us for assistance.

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